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Meet Kellie Tinnin | Employee Engagement and Talent Development Expert

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Meet Kellie Tinnin | Employee Engagement and Talent Development Expert September 26, 2023 Leave a reply

We had the good fortune of connecting with Kellie Tinnin and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Kellie, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
I was contemplating starting my business for some time. I wanted the opportunity to learn about other industries, what made them successful, and I also knew that there was a large change management and employee engagement opportunity within the organizational landscape. I was working for a mid-sized membership association and my role had become a bit stagnant, there was no where for me to move up the ladder. I decided, during the pandemic that I was going to go out on my own and start my own consulting practice. I did this because I wanted the flexibility to work with different industries, but also I wanted to grow my skills. I wanted the opportunity to grow and didn’t want to be limited by a specific niche or organization.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?

I own a consulting firm where we are experts in employee engagement and talent development. We work on developing people to develop and help organizations prosper.

We want to change the way people work. People spend a lot of time at work and want to feel that they are a part of a bigger plan. They want to be valued for their knowledge and skills and they want to contribute. We feel that when people are happy, engaged, and prospering at work that the organization prospers.
Something like 80% of people do not trust their leadership at work, and are not engaged in their work. What would happen if that number shifted, even just 10%. I think the results on both ends would be huge.
What sets us apart? We are not a one and done organization. We want to create results that are sustainable and measurable. Adults want to attend training, workshops or programing that is tangible, meaning, they can implement the results. We create programs and systems that are easy to implement, engaging and measurable. Both the employees and the organization should be able to see results from actions they implement. We are also really good at taking complex information and breaking it down so it is understandable and we also create programs that are fun and engaging. I learned a lot of how not to do things along the way. My father owned a business in the early 2000’s and I worked with him. Although we were successful in growing his business in both revenue and size, we did a lot of things wrong. I’ve learned from that. Additionally, other ventures I’ve had during my career have helped me learn. The school of hard knocks they say. I’ve been lucky to have a lot of mentors. Once I accepted the fact that you cannot do “life” alone, I really started to prosper by realizing that I was not the smartest person in the room and to take help, support and advice from others.
What would I want people to know? That I care. I care about people and helping people succeed. I want people to prosper at work, and I want organizations to be able to make a positive impact on the communities they serve.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.

I’m a equal opportunity eater, so I like to try different types of foods. The fall is a great time to visit Albuquerque because of the Balloon Fiesta, Greek Festival and the weather in general. The tram is great, and they have a really good restaurant at the top of the mountain. It’s possible that we might take a drive up to the mountains to visit the Jemez Springs or some of the sights in Santa Fe, New Mexico, since it is just an hour drive. You have to visit Frontier Restaurant for the green chili stew and nostalgia. Frontier is like an Albuquerque legend. Additionally, touring the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul film sites is always fun, and a silly adventure.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?

Oh gosh, so many. I think the older that I get, the more you realize that you cannot do life alone.

Mentors, these are people that give me honest and transparent feedback. Who want to see me succeed.

  • Bridget Gilbert, she is a former boss of mine and business owner

  • Keith Powell, mentor, professional speaker

  • Big Cheerleaders, these people are always in my corner.

  • Jessica Garcia, my best friend

  • Bill Yonemoto, my husband, who has made me a better, more mindful person.

Favorite books:
1. Management Mess to Leadership Success, Scott Miller 2. Upstream, Dan and Chip Heath

Instagram: @thekellietinnin
Twitter: @kellietinnin




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