What We Do

Kellie Tinnin Consulting, LLC is an organizational | human resource development firm focused on strategy, leadership, and business transformation. Our goal is to inspire and empower individuals, leaders, and organizations to reach their full potential allowing organizations to grow by creating an environment that taps into a business’s strengths and optimizing workplace productivity. We help people connect in a way that fosters a community of positive practice. Let us help your organization implement solutions that produce sustainable results.

Our Services

When you work with Kellie, together you will create executable plans, take consistent action and gain measurable results. Kellie covers engaging topics of leadership, strategy, growth, sales, and the power and value of relationships. She will work with your company or organization through training, workshops, or private 1:1 coaching to help you scale or expand your business, communicate effectively, and build habits for success.

Organizational Development

  • Change Management

  • Workplace Culture

  • Leadership Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Team Building

  • Process Improvement

Human Resource Development

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Job Task Analysis

  • Onboarding and Succession Planning

  • Employee Training

  • Employee Engagement

Instructional Design

  • Needs Assessment

  • Job, Task, Content Analysis

  • Course Assessment Design

  • Content Design and Delivery

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • eLearning

  • Train the Trainer

Words of Wisdom

“When people are happy at work, they perform better which has a lasting impact on an organization’s bottom line.”

Kellie Tinnin
President of Kellie Tinnin Consulting, LLC