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Leading from the Middle with Special Guest Kellie Tinnin

The Leader that has a fresh perspective on Learning and Development, Kellie Tinnin joined me today to offer some great insight in what actions Leaders can take when there are big org changes, how can we increase Employee Engagement, recognize and take action on Employee much more! Let's get at it!

Leading from the Middle with Special Guest Kellie Tinnin

Helping businesses make a measurable difference in their performance and their bottom line is Kellie’s goal. Kellie owns and operates Kellie Tinnin Consulting, LLC an Organizational Development consulting firm.

3 Simple Rules for First-Time Managers That You Can Start Using Today to Empower Your Team

In today’s world, the landscape for Human Resources is shifting. While all the moving pieces have yet to settle its clear strategic human resource practices are no longer confined within the walls of a corporate office. How can companies develop strategic people-first policies.

The Changing Landscape of HR with Kellie Tinnin
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