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What are Generational Assumptions we Carry in the Workforce?

Previously, I introduced the subject of leveraging diverse generations within the workforce.  To gain a bit of understanding of where we are going, I want to classify different generations and what people are classified as part of these groups. So that we all have a general understanding during our discussions, we will define the typical characteristics that distinguish each generation in the workplace. (Source: SHRM)

Traditionalist (76-99 years old)

Traditionalist (76-99 years old)

  • Loyalty to an organization.

  • Typical not to change jobs or careers often.

  • Value hierarchy, authority, seniority.

  • Rule follower, don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  • Needs to know things.

  • Value knowledge.

Baby Boomer (57-75 years old)

Baby Boomer (57-75 years old)

  • Career = self-growth.

  • Achiever mentality.

  • Loyal.

  • Challenge authority.

Generation X (41-56 years old)

Generation X (41-56 years old)

  • Loyal, but career is not their identifier.

  • Expect knowledge and skills to be priority.

  • Don’t care about authority.

  • Values flexibility.

  • Values autonomy.

Millennials (26-40 years old)

Millennials (26-40 years old)

  • Fluid work styles.

  • Respect components of authority.

  • Loyal to colleagues.

  • Raised with messages of individuality.

Generation Z (25 and younger)

Generation Z (25 and younger)

  • Invested in careers and growth.

  • Want to be engaged in the processes.

  • Seek balance and fairness.

  • Global mindset.

  • Don’t need to know everything. Ask Siri!




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