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Generational Assumptions and the Importance of Mentorship in my Own Career

I love mentoring and have found it to be valuable and it's importance in my own career. In our previous discussion, we explored the classification of different generations. This week, I would like to delve into the topic of leveraging diverse teams to achieve improved work outcomes, specifically through mentoring.



Longer term relationships that guide someone through their career or point in their career.



Shorter term relationship that focuses is primarily on skill or knowledge building.

I’ve had many mentors in my life that have helped me along the way in my career.

How can we utilize generational work relationships to enhance our teams? I have identified several options to consider.


Informal mentoring – Mentoring does not have to be a formalized relationship. Mentoring can happen informally between two individuals, one who wants to help the growth of another.


Reverse mentoring – Mentoring can be mutually beneficial where two people come together to learn from one another.  

Diversity in mentoring – I studied several years ago, the benefits of diversity in mentoring relationships. Mentoring by individuals from diverse age groups, ethnic backgrounds, or career paths offers significant advantages, as it prompts us to think in new and innovative ways. It also challenges our own bias and stale mental models that we may have… Hello confirmation bias.


Who is are your mentors and how have they changed you for the better?


My mentors, you know who you are….




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