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Addressing Workforce Disconnect: A Conversation on Employee Engagement

Do you ever feel or do have the feeling that your employees or team are disconnected from the culture at your organization? You are not alone. This month, I’m going to talk a bit about the disconnect between employees and their organization, and some ways that you may be able to tackle the employee engagement bug.


We have seen significant changes in the workplace since 2020. Things like:


  • Remote and hybrid work,

  • Integration of AI in the workplace, and,

  • The need for upskilling and reskilling.

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Professional Development


One of the top reasons people leave their job is for lack of professional development opportunities. Much of professional development is left for the executive team, yet professional development and growth opportunities are beneficial for the organization. Programs like mentorship, reverse mentoring and diverse mentoring opportunities are great ways to foster professional development within an organization.

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Work-Life Balance


The term work-life balance is an illusion of sorts. I believe there is no balance, work and life today, exist together. Employers and employees have to find ways to take care of themselves. Employers need to have empathy for their teams, after all, they are only human. As an organization, are there ways that you can utilize remote working, flexible schedules to offer as a wellness incentive to your team. Organizations may have to rethink the traditional top-down model and focus more on the individual employee to create better connections.

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Lack of Communication


Communication is hard. Good communication is even harder.  If you have a distributed team, implementing different methods to communicate with your team will create transparency and instill a sense of safety with your team. When you engage in 1:1 with your team or members of your organization, are you discussing more than just the workplace. In other words, are you getting to know your team on a deeper level?



Let’s keep the conversation going and next week, lets discuss some strategies for effective employee engagement.

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