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Skill Development and Leveraging Institutional Knowledge

As we wrap up the month discussing generational differences and I think that we can in some regard summarize that these differences are indeed stereotypes and none of us, our team or otherwise fit into one mold.


With people of all shapes and sizes as part of our team, how do we capture that knowledge that lives in the minds of our team? Utilizing the institutional knowledge within our team is extremely valuable. By leveraging the differences among our peers, we can develop skills that contribute to the company's overall succession planning.


People retire. People leave jobs. People move. When this happens, teams and organizations want to ensure that we have captured their knowledge for future teams. We can leverage those in our organization to help develop the skills of our current and future teams.

A high performer woman reporting

Identify how to get high performers engaged. Can you have them help with a special event or offer the high performer a stretch assignment?

A hand writing solutions in a notebook

Can you challenge your team to think differently or find different solutions to a typical organizational problem?

Pile of documents

Are you documenting processes and procedures and asking for your team’s input?


Consider strategies within your organization to harness the unique strengths and differences of your team members in developing enhanced skills and knowledge.


How can this be effectively implemented within your team?

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