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AI, Work Skills and Changes in Workplace Culture

Recent findings from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) indicates that 64% of employees have witnessed a notable increase in the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace, leading to significant changes in their job skills. Subsequently, many employees said they do not feel ready for AI in their workplace.


AI in the Workplace: As we witness the onset of AI in the workplace and the subsequent cultural shifts, many individuals will need to be up-skilled or res-killed to adapt to new positions.


Evolution of Job Perks and Benefits: Work perks and benefits have not changed much since the post-WWII era. Employees are rebelling against the status quo in favor of things like flex time, remote work opportunities and time off to evolve with changing lifestyle needs. Accompanying this shift are new considerations such as accommodating pets and supporting aging parents, as well as exploring flexible work structures like job sharing.


Distributed Teams and Diversity: The modern work landscape has created a need for more organizations to understand how to collaborate remotely. Also, the significance of embracing diversity and fostering varied engagement methods emerges as key elements in creating an inclusive and supportive work environment.


Considering the increasing prevalence of AI in the workplace and the shifting employee expectations, organizations should keep up-skilling and re-skilling top of mind. Organization should also consider addressing other perks and benefits to adapt to the needs of the future workforce.



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