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[VIDEO REPLAY] From Snore to Score & Hit the Ground Running!

I had the opportunity to make several presentations to both a group of real estate educators and education directors in early April.

Hit the Ground Running: Using Clear Learning Objectives to Add Value to Your Courses

Keep students running towards your classes instead of running for the hills! Clear and measurable learning objectives will add more value to the courses you design. Clear learning objectives will help the instructor determine if course goals have been met. This workshop will help you identify learning problems to improve your course learning objectives, examine learning domains and appreciate how learning objectives will add value to your courses.

From Snore to Score: Add Value to Your New Member Orientation

Does your new member association orientation need a boost? Real estate agents have the privilege to help promote the American Dream, homeownership rights. Help use your orientation to demonstrate what the privilege of helping consumers peruse owning a home and how the local association adds value to that process. Use new member orientation to help build relationships with members to improve member retention; and examine course practices that will add value and engage members in the orientation process.

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