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Transforming Mistakes into Opportunities for Growth

Updated: Jun 28

In our continuous journey of professional development, understanding how to transform missteps into learning experiences is key to making a meaningful impact. Let's delve into how we can leverage our mistakes to not only learn but to innovate and grow.


That time the obituary had the wrong picture… and it was my fault.


If you watched, the video; yes, the story is true. It was me that was me who made the mistake of not labeling the deceased gentleman’s picture correctly causing the wrong picture to run with his obituary. It was a pretty significant mistake that caused our department at the time to take account of our process and in turn, come up with a better way to send our materials to the editorial team. My boss did not get angry, we came together to find a viable solution to the problem.

Pixar Movie UP

 Pixar’s Approach


Pixar's “Braintrust” meetings serve as a great model for iterative learning. This group of creatives comes together to review work in progress, openly discussing what's working and what's not. By embracing vulnerability and viewing mistakes as opportunities for improvement, they have been able to create some of the greatest animated films in our time…. hello “Up.”

Compassion in the Workplace

Compassion in the Workplace


It's crucial to remember our humanity within the professional sphere. We all have lives, families, and friends outside of work. By acknowledging our vulnerability and accepting that nobody has all the answers, we foster a culture of compassion and support.


The Power of Debriefing

 The Power of Debriefing


Debrief sessions are invaluable for uncovering challenges and opportunities. As my boss and I did when I made the photo mistake; we dissected the event and strategized on how to avoid repeating the error. She saw me as a human, not a failure.

Mistakes are inevitable, but they don't have to define us. Instead, they can inform and guide us towards better practices and innovative solutions. Let's commit to a mindset where challenges are a chance to grow and every error a lesson in disguise.





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