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Is Quiet Quitting Better Than Savage Resignation?

Office Space, the movie written by Mike Judge and released in 1999, depicts the less than stellar work culture of the fictional company, Intech. Peter Gibbons and his coworkers were taking part in what we know today as quiet quitting.

Quiet quitting is the buzzword of 2022, but it's nothing new. It's burnout, or a lack of intrinsic motivation. The American work culture hasn't changed much since the Industrial Revolution, when Americans went from the farm to urban areas and began working 9-5 days and putting in 40-hour weeks. As we moved to the digital age, many of our habits, and culture have changed, but yet our work week has remained the same.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many of us into a cultural shift. Many of us were pushed into working remotely, which forced organizations to find ways to meet customer demands remotely. As we slowly emerged from the pandemic, employees pushed back with demands for a new normal—like flex time or more time off.

Nearly a quarter of employees today are not engaged in their day-to-day work. These individuals have quietly quit, or are on their way to savagely resigning. With five generations in the workforce today, all with different experiences and life expectations, employers and employees must find a middle ground. What does that middle ground look like?

Building culture and value

Today's employees want to be a part of something bigger. Employers should ask themselves how they can build culture into each position in their organization.


Psychological safety, communication and transparency are key in fostering good relationships with today's workforce.

Perks and Benefits

Perks and benefits that are offered to today's workforce have not changed much since WWII. Today’s workforce is different.

The hustle culture is dead. Now, it's all about health and wellness. We have to ask ourselves: Do we want to keep on doing the same thing and expect different results, or do we want to look into the future of work? The answer is clear: It's time for a change.


Here's a look at my presentation on Quiet Quitting from the DisruptHR Albuquerque event.

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