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In the Unleashing Human Centered Potential Course, developed by Kellie Tinnin, M.A., participants will learn strategies for empowering their teams and promoting personal growth. The three brief modules focus on harnessing the power of mistakes to foster improvement, as well as challenging mental models to stimulate development.


Through this course, individuals will gain valuable insights and tools for enhancing team morale and promoting a human-centered approach to leadership. Whether you are a manager looking to inspire your team or an individual seeking personal growth, this class offers practical and valuable lessons for unleashing human potential.


Thank you for taking this opportunity to learn from an experienced professional and take your leadership skills to the next level.

(CEU Approved) Unleashing Human Centered Potential Course

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  • For questions about this class please contact: 

    Kellie Tinnin, Kellie Tinnin & Associates, LLC
    Phone: 505-991-2758
    The instructor will respond within 24 hours.

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