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Leadership: A Coaching Interview Sondra Slivon

Welcome to our latest YouTube interview where both Kellie Tinnin and Sondra Slivon discuss how professional coaching can enhance job embodied professional development and personal career growth.

This discussion explains what professional coaching is (and is not) as well as how to leverage coaching to maximize your professional development. Additionally, how managers can use coaching to help teams master training concepts is discussed.

Kellie and Sondra share their insights regarding their new program "Becoming a Leader: Six-Week Coaching Program" - a topic that transcends industries and resonates with anyone aspiring to make a meaningful impact in their professional journey.

Kellie Tinnin, helps organizations change the way that people work by helping to better engage teams by improving performance. Kellie brings a unique perspective and knowledge regarding leadership strategies, organizational dynamics and promoting a positive workplace culture.

Sondra Slivon, with CPCC and ACC certifications, Sondra's coaching practice is based on the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) approach, in which coach and client work as partners to envision, create and sustain the positive changes the client desires for themselves and their life. Sondra and her clients partner to co-create the coaching relationship, envision the life the client desires, identify desired outcomes and goals, and implement accountability structures to achieve them.

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