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Leadership versus Management. What! There’s a Difference?

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

There is a difference between leadership and management. Oftentimes, managers are thrust into new roles, tasked with leading a team. That new manager may be able to manage a process well, but do they have the skills they need to be an effective leader?

What is a manager anyway?

A manager is someone who manages a process. An individual who oversees metrics and production needs. Managers may oversee tasks and jobs within a specific role or department.

And a leader?

A leader is someone who sets an example for others. A leader may have a bigger picture vision of the work that takes place in an organization. A leader inspires, motivates, and helps to move managers and others move towards a specific mission. Leaders are people that can inspire change within the organization.

Do managers need leadership training?

People are not machines. Most managers when entering into a new management role may know how to manage the work process well. What they do not have are the skills they need to lead their team

Leadership training is not one-size-fits-all.

Leaders need different skills at different stages in their careers. New managers may not have much experience leading a team or thinking of corporate strategy and mission.

Seasoned managers may be set in their ways and may need help seeking out new and innovative ways to motivate their team. Five generations exist in today’s workforce, each with different needs. Both leaders and managers need to know how to create a cohesive team despite the diversity.

If you are considering implementing a leadership development program for your organization; what are ways that your managers can practice their new skills as part of the training? Instead of a “one-and-done” training, enrich the experience so managers can practice and perfect their new skills. These new skills have a better chance of implementation for the long haul if managers have a chance to use them.

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