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Accelerating your Organizational Performance with Kellie Tinnin Consulting

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Our firm is expert in helping organizations improve their organizational performance and efficiency. This helps companies increase their revenues, reduce costs and creates a happier work environment for everyone.

What is the Accelerate Performance Method?

The “Accelerate Performance Method” helps us determine the best course of action for addressing performance issues and challenges at an organization. Training may not always be the best solution to addressing organizational challenges. Using the three step, Accelerate Performance Method, we help identify the best solution for organizational challenges, which in the long term increases productivity and company performance.


Accelerate means to look at the big picture of the organization. This phase consists of asking a lot of questions and the root questions of “why”? Often, we discover that the resulting issues are the result of other challenges that exist in the organization. Think of this phase like the discovery phase. During this time, we may look at:

  • Internal and external customer data

  • Observe teams on the job

  • Conduct surveys or interviews

  • Review existing training materials


This discovery allows our firm to come up with a well rounded picture of where potential challenges in the organization may exist, and plan for an appropriate solution. This may include solutions like:

  • Strategy development

  • Leadership and team development

  • Training

  • Process and systems improvement


The method to the madness is measuring the success of the solution. Measuring the success of the solution is important because it allows the organization to quantify the cost of the program and identify tangible improvements. The idea with any solution is not just to “check a box” but to help make a measurable difference for the organization and the teams that work alongside them.

Are you ready to accelerate your organization’s performance? Reach out to us today. We would love to hear from you!

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